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Here are the most recent kitties:

New submissions:

Ace, from Casper, Wyoming

Billy, from Mifflinburg, Pennsylvania

Toby, from New Berlin, Wisconsin

and from my travels overseas:

Four cats from the Cat Museum in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Hei Hei and Hong Bizi from Beijing, China


Another thing I've done is I've taken out the retired kitty section and mixed them all back in to where they were before. This will make it easier for me to update retired kitties. You will know they are retired by the "status: retired" underneath their name and city.

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Shopcat.com T-shirts are here! I can sell T-shirts with any kitty photo from shopcat.com that you like. T-shirts come in 3 styles (regular, baby doll, or long-sleeve) and there are coffee mugs, tote bags, and mouse pads as well. To see the list of kitties I have on shirts click here. To order a shirt other than the ones on the list, write to me and let me know who you'd like to have on your shirt (or other product).

You can help Shopcat.com by coming through our site each time you order from Amazon.com or cattoys.com. Just use the link provided on this page, and Shopcat.com will get a small percentage of whatever you order. All the profits go directly back into the site.

And don't forget to visit the Happy Hunting Grounds, if you haven't already. That's where Anarchy, Yoxi, Drip, and Clarence have moved to, so you can still visit them every once in a while.



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