Casper, Wyoming

"Welcome Ace, the newest shop cat in Casper Wyoming. Ace was acquired by Foreman's Machine Shop after the demise of Rufus to a blockage. He has some big paws to fill as Rufus was a very friendly cat and loved to be petted. Ace is a cute little thing and a bundle of energy. His shopcat slave, Christy, says sometimes too much energy. He likes to attack her legs and try to climb them. That was okay when he was small but he has grown a bit to large for that now days. Ace also likes to bite. He'll really grab a hold of you and hang on. I know, I've had him do it to me several times but I can't resist picking him up. Ace spends his days playing with about anything he can find, including Styrofoam, grasshoppers, rags, Christy, any customer that comes in to the shop and any toys people bring him. He does go outside now but not very far. If he hears someone drive up he runs back in the office. He rarely goes out into the shop as it's very noisy. He'll ride along with Bill, the shop foreman, if he carries him out there.  Welcome to the shop cat site, Ace! We hope you have many happy years providing people with purrs". Stories and pictures sent in by Sue Knerl, one of Ace's many fans.

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