Casper, Wyoming

Hello, my name is Sparky and I work at Intermountain Electric Motor Repair in Casper, Wyoming. I am a spayed female brown tabby with a little white under my chin. I am 3 years old and have worked here full time at Intermountain since I was a kitten when I was hired as a full time watch-cat/mouser. One of my unique features are my six toes on my front paws. My favorite things are seeking out the best sleeping spots in the shop, being on the look-out for a treat or a scratch from the nearest soft touch, and a little catnip when available. I love being scratched behind the ears and will do a little ladylike drooling if it gets to feeling really good. I love my work here at IEMR as the benefits are great and the working conditions are the best. (Letter translated and sent in by Sue Knerl of Casper, Wyoming)


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