Mills, Wyoming

"Hello everyone, my name is Pepper and I am a shop cat at Starline Feed in Mills Wyoming. I am a female brown tabby and I have worked here for 11 years, since I was a kitten. I was hired to be a mouser but I don't do mousework.  (cat snicker) I am the official greeter of customers and company for my human slave, Russ. When he gets here in the morning I have him refill my water dish, (please fresh only) and fill my food bowl.  I like to watch the pigeons and doves out the front door. I do not do birds either, they are more fun to watch. When I tire of that and my official duties I go and rest on the boxes of horse shoes in the summer and the pet food bags in the winter. I have the most wonderful of soft fur coat due to the high grade of cat food I am fed. I do advertise the foods that way and people wonder over my soft fur. I have a comfy life here and would not trade it for anything. My human says my duties seem to consist of sleeping, eating and whining about the food situation but he likes to downplay my role in our store. You know humans, they  think they are the ones who dictate our feline lives and we know it's the other way around. If someone comes to your shelter smelling of hay, leather & grain, snag them! They will give you a wonderful place to live." Story and pictures sent in by Sue K. one of Pepper's many fans.


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