Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

"This is a picture of Mickey; he is our “new” shop cat. Mickey is male, and has been living in our offices for a little over a year. We opened up a space between the offices so he can climb thru between my office and the Office Manager’s office. He also has perches by several windows so he can look out on the shop areas. Our company is Crowley Construction Corp., (A Pavement Marking Company, in Wauwatosa, WI). We have a small company with small offices with warehouse/ shop space which Mickey sometimes gets out into. Most of the time he is happy to stay in the offices and let the other employees (8) come in to him. We work odd hours so he sometimes has company day and night. This fall he has been “doing his job”, and presented us with three mice." Story and picture sent in by Bess Crowley.


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