Red Nose and Black-Black
Beijing, China

My family and I took a trip to China in October of 2009, and we were surprised to find two cats sunning themselves outside an office in the Forbidden City. Their names in English are Black-Black and Red Nose. In Chinese they are Hei-Hei and Hong Bizi (Pronounced Hey-Hey and Hoang Bee-Zuh). The office is in a side courtyard where fire fighters practice. (There are markings on the ground for how many feet the water hose will shoot.) Hei Hei was very lovey. I held out my hand and he rubbed it and purred, then walked around me as I was sitting on the ground, and promptly flopped over my leg. One of the workers there motioned for me to pick up the cat, and Hei Hei loved that. He flopped in my lap until I had to get up and move on. Red Nose (Hong Bizi) was more stand-offish and wouldn't let me get too close.

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