Mama Kitty
Council Bluffs, Iowa

"One very warm day in June 2002 a very sick cat came to the front door of the Strohbehn Veterinary Clinic in Council Bluffs, Iowa. She decided this is where she would make her home and feel healthier. She parked herself at the front door. She would rub against all the clients and their dogs as they came into the clinic. She would not leave. We decided to bring her in and take care of her since she looked so sickly. She was 6 pounds, had engorged breasts, ear mites, fleas, emaciated, intestinal parasites, and cat fight wounds. She was Feline Leukemia/AIDS tested and she was negative. She was spayed and medicated. She is now a very healthy l2 pound active friendly clinic cat, about 2 years old. She greets the clients and keeps the clinic rodent free. We think she is a very smart cat to know where to live." Story and pictures sent in by Barbara Lee of Council Bluffs, Iowa.


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