Plymouth, Indiana

We are a musical instrument shop, Wagoner's Music Shop in Plymouth, In. Gizmo has worked for us since he was about six months old and we found him in the alley behind our home. Since we already had 4 cats at home we decided to try having a shop cat and see how it worked out. Gizmo is extremely popular. He has been featured in a picture in the local newspaper and also was once mentioned on our local Radio show, the DJ mentioned his birthday and talked about the "Fat Cat at the Music Store." He has been working here for about 6 years now. We have many people who will come in when they don't need a thing just to visit with him. Also a lot of Dads will tell us that if they mention to their kids that they are going to the guitar shop, the kids jump up and put on their coats so they can, "Go visit Gizmo". Every morning I will sit down to read my e-mail and Gizmo is always right on my lap. That is, until the first time the buzzer goes off announcing the first customer of the day coming in the door. As soon as the buzzer sounds Gizmo will LEAP off my lap and gallop toward the front door to greet whoever is coming in. He is the most sociable cat I have ever known. His favorite place to sleep is on top of the biggest set of public address speakers we have in the store. He could care less if they are turned off or blasting the loudest rock music you can imagine. Gizmo is filled with warmth and personality to the point that on many occasions we will hear people say things like, "I don't like cats, but I like this cat", or even funnier are the big he-man type guys who will announce that "I am a dog person, I don't like cats" while at the same time petting him till the hair flies. Gizzy is just one of those sweet creatures that no one can resist. In addition to Gizmo we also have a Pug Dog and a Whippet named Bomber and Zipper that go to work every day, but they are not allowed free reign of the place like Gizmo is. Giz loves them both, and will often go in the office and lay down beside them to nap. The only day of the week that Gizmo does not like is Sunday, and that is because we are closed. I always go to visit him but it is just not the same since he does not get to see his "Fan Club".

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