Seattle, Washington

Flax works at Soft Coverings in Seattle, Washington. She has been there since the fall of 2001. She came from Interbay Animal Hospital, so no one is quite sure how old she is. Flax has been directly responsible for some of the sales in the store (for example, one customer came in just to pet her, and then spent a good deal of money there). She is not the least bit afraid of dogs, but she doesn't like other cats. Flax occasionally wanders outside, but doesn't set a foot off the curb. She will wander into the alley adjacent to the store, though. She has many thrones throughout the store and especially likes to sleep on silk. She rarely scratches bolts of fabric, but has scratched the couch to shreds. Flax is a very easy-going girl and doesn't mind being petted. The closer you are to her height, however, the less she likes you!


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