Seattle, Washington

Lupe works at Suzanne R. Thompson Hair Salon. She was born around 1998, rescued from a shelter. Lupe lives next door to the salon, but loves to come over and socialize. She meets the clients in the front yard as they get out of their cars, and escorts them into the salon. She likes the salon because she gets a lot of attention. She climbs up into laps and kneads for hours. (At her house, she has to share the attention with 2 cats and a big dog). When she's not on laps (or chests at the shampoo bowl), she's in the waiting room either sleeping on the chairs or playing with her mousie. The neighbor lady didn't even know her cat worked at the salon until one day when she came in to have her hair done. Lupe jumped up and started kneading. The neighbor was shocked. She said Lupe is never that affectionate at home. Everyone is glad Lupe has found a place where she can be "Princess Kitty" and knead all she wants to. Story and pictures sent in by Suzanne Thompson of Seattle, Washington

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