Tillamook, Oregon
status: retired

Wobbleknobby was named because his tail looks like a knob and he wobbles it all the time. He works at Smokehouse Antiques in Tillamook, Oregon. Wobbleknobby was found by the owner of Rainy Day Books (who had recently been given Webster by the owner of Smokehouse Antiques) in 1997 at about 6 months old. He doesn't like to have his tail touched, but he loves to play with toys the owner calls "squinky toys" (they are stretchable children's bracelets). That's how he got his nickname "Squinks." He is very agile and can jump anywhere in the store without knocking anything down. He likes to be up high and look down on the customers. He often plays "Vanna" by standing in front of an item and wiggling his little tail. He is a big, strapping Manx, weighing in at 18½ pounds!

NOTE: Wobbleknobby has retired and is now the supervisor of an entire household.

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