Tillamook, Oregon

O.B. came to the Tillamook Small Animal Clinic in 1995, when he was about a year old as a stray. He is indoor only, now and likes his life as a shopcat. He pals around with Sam, the other shopcat at the clinic. O.B.'s favorite thing to do is box. He loves swatting at people, especially when he is on top of the computer. He has also been known to swat at the vacuum cleaner, but only after it gets turned off. He also enjoys greeting all the cats who come in. He loves to go in cat carriers. If there is an open carrier in the place, O.B. will climb on in. It doesn't matter if there's already a kitty in it. O.B. also has a nose for doughnuts. If there are any doughnuts in the building, he and Sam will sniff them out and hopefully be rewarded with a snack.

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