Tillamook, Oregon

Webster works at Rainy Day Books in Tillamook, Oregon. He was found on the main street all covered in grease. The person who found him (the owner of Smokehouse Antiques and Wobbleknobby) brought him to Rainy Day Books to be taken in as a shopcat. Webster has certainly made himself at home. His favorite thing to do is chase a superball around the store. If you throw it far enough to go down the stairs into the next room, he'll carry it back to you in his mouth. (I tried to get a picture of that, but he's just too darn FAST!) Webster is also a good hunter. He has killed one calculator and wounded another. He entertains the customers, loves tummy rubs, and loves to help unpack the new books as they come in. He inspects them all while they are still in the boxes. He does a lot of jumping on things in the store, and a lot of knocking things down... by accident of course! He's just a klutzy kind of guy! Good thing he's such a sweetie.

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