Salt Spring Island, Canada

Namesake and Geelia are brother and sister, living at Salt Spring Way B&B on Salt Spring Island in Canada. They don't like each other very much, but they like people. Namesake used to get in trouble for fighting with his sister, until someone noticed it was Geelia who started most of the fights! Namesake loves to roll on the stairs, dig his claws in and pull himself to the other end of the stair, fall down a stair or two, and do it all over again. He is also quite a hunter. One time the owner caught Namesake and Geelia sitting almost nose to nose looking at something between them. It was a little frog, hopping down the length of the patio. As the frog moved, the kitties followed, still hunched across from each other. When the frog was about to reach the grass & safety, Namesake picked him up in his mouth, brought him back to the start of the patio, and sat down to watch again.

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