Salt Spring Island, Canada

Geelia is the littermate of Namesake. They both live at Salt Spring Way B&B in British Columbia, Canada. They are part Siamese, but don't have the "talkative" trait that most Siamese have. Geelia and her brother don't get along at all. They both love people, though. Geelia is a little shyer than Namesake, but she does love to be admired and petted. It didn't take her long to warm up to us, and before we knew it we had a furry little bedtime guest. Under the covers no less! Geelia likes to lounge around on the dresser by the front door, where the guestbooks are. As you look through the pages, you will notice many kitty paw prints on the pages compliments of Geelia. There is a room next to the front entryway with a loom and lots of yarn & wool. Geelia likes to pull out a skein of yarn now and then and fit herself into the opening that's left. She can be very difficult to see if you don't know where to look!

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