Chilliwack, British Columbia

Ernie came to work at Bosley's pet store in Chilliwack, BC, in June of 1999. He was one of 32 Ocicats brought in to a nearby vet by a breeder who was in over his head. Ernie was 3 at the time and the only kitty who had any sort of ailment (he has a slight respiratory problem). The Bosley's manager liked him and brought him back to the shop. Ernie loves kids and dogs. When a dog comes into the store, Ernie will run over and rub back and forth and try to play with the dog. It doesn't matter what size the dog is. He's even been bitten by a dog once and he still loves them. Ernie is a terrific jumper and was showing off for us when we were there. He has a special toy on a string he likes. He'll also play tug of war and fetch. Ernie also likes to go outside. (They have to let him out on his harness or he won't stop yowling!) He can't go far though, because Ernie gets lost. He has no sense of direction.

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