Lawton, Oklahoma

Gibson works at Professional TV/VCR Repair in Lawton, Oklahoma. He was born in March of 1997. Actually, he owns the place and he knows it. He has a following... many people come in to the shop just to see him and pet him, and he doesn't mind it a bit. His favorite things to do include sleeping, sitting on Mom's lap, eating moths, and greeting people in the store. Here's a story sent along by one of his owners: "He's an inside cat and he knows he's not really supposed to go outside, but every once in a while we'll let him out. At first, he used to be afraid to go outside. So, he'd lay on his side and just "scooch" around. Now, he's getting a little braver so he "scooches" a little while, then he'll get up and walk. We don't want him wandering too far, so we tell him as soon as he gets up to walk "Gibson, you better scooch!" So, he fall right back down on his side and start "scooching again." It's so adorable (to us anyway) Other people see him "scooching" around and think he's handicapped or something. But it's funny. :) He's our little scoochin' kitty." Story and pictures sent in by the people at Professional TV/VCR Repair in Lawton, Oklahoma.

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