Henryetta, Oklahoma

Bullett was born in 2001 and has been working for Town & Country Animal Hospital since he was two. Here's what his people have to say about him. " My husband is a veterinarian who has a soft spot for cats in particular.  We had noticed a very timid stray hanging around our farm but we weren't able to get close enough for a good look at it.  It did seem to be injured, though, so we captured it in a live trap.  Imagine our surprise when it turned out to be a Persian, albeit a very matted and starving one.  After several weeks of treatment and rest at our animal hospital, Bullet recovered from his adventures in the wild and is now living the high life.  He is the official greeter and vet's pet of our office and enjoys being treated like the royal blue-blood that he is.  We keep his hair groomed short so he'll never have to worry about a matted coat again.  He is a favorite with our veterinary team, which he looks upon as his personal domestic staff.  On those really rough days when everything goes wrong, all I have to do is pick Bullet up to feel better.  He wraps his front paws around my neck and hugs me back, and his big rumbling purr tells me that life really isn't so bad after all." Picture and story sent in by Pamela Jenkins. Note: Bullett was also included in the book Angel Cats: Divine Messengers of Comfort, by Allen and Linda Anderson.

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