Albany, Oregon

"My name is Tori (short for Victoria-Queen of Pastime Antiques). I was walking in downtown Albany Oregon on a cold day in October 2001 looking for a drink of water and a warm place to spend the night. As I passed the double doors of this large antique store I thought I heard 'here kitty kitty.' I turned around and Kris (the owner of the shop) and Sherron (one of her dealers) opened the door and beckoned me to come in. Oh what a fine place this was! They took me to the back room and gave me a nice cold drink of water. It is now March of 2002 and I am still treated like a queen. I am one year old. I love the people in the shop. I greet them when they enter and follow them all around. Sometimes when they aren't looking I'll perch on a high shelf and jump down on their shoulders and they carry me around. I have a couple favorite places to sleep - my favorite place to sleep is in a nice soft baby's bassinet in the back of the shop. My other favorite place is in the front window in the sun. My favorite toys to play with are catnip filled mice. Sometimes when Kris' grandson Trenton comes we play ball." Story and pictures sent in by Kris Eskridge of Albany, Oregon.

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