Rocky Balboa
Albany, Oregon

"Hi, This is Rocky Balboa the shop kitty for Pattycake's Plunder Antique shop in Albany Oregon.  Rocky came to live and work at my shop two years ago, he is a Maine Coon Kitty and he is 8 years old. Rocky is always at the front door of the shop waiting for me to arrive at 8 a.m. every morning. We have a bell ringer on the front door so when customers come in Rocky runs to greet them and walks with them throughout the store, often getting lots of attention. At times Rocky will sit in front of the door and cause the door ringer to go off automatically, then he will look at me as if to say. 'Where's the people?' as he doesn't understand he is ringing the bell himself. He is great company and he has acquired his own fan club. People come for miles to visit him, some elderly customers even refer to Rocky as their grandpa! He’s a great kitty and does his job very well, we love him to pieces!" Picture and story sent in by the poeple at Pattycake's Plunder.


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