Seattle, Washington

Max is short for "Maximum Overdrive". He lives at the Prince of Wales Inn with his mother, Dora. They were found at the city pound, where they had such bad respiratory problems they were about to be put down. An animal rescue group came and got them (and Dora's other 2 kittens) and nursed them back to health. Now Max has a wonderful life. He lives in a B&B where he will follow people to their rooms and sniff their luggage. He loves being petted and will stay in the room with you if you want him to. He chases stuffed bunnies meant for the children of guests. He loves to play with leaves from the plant in the front room, and he chases wine corks. He is always right in the middle of everything that is going on. He was born in September of 1997 and has a kink in his tail.

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