Seattle, Washington

Dora is short for "Pandora". It's because she likes boxes. She and her son Max live at the Prince of Wales Inn in Seattle, Washington. She was born in the beginning of 1997, and had kittens in September of that year. She is very different from her son, who is always in the middle of everything. She prefers to sit back and watch. She is much shier than Max and will take her time getting to know you. She does like to be petted, but don't pick her up! Her favorite toy is an elastic hair band. She will chase it around the house for hours. She also likes to get into the office at the B&B and climb into any little cubbyhole or box she can find. If it's not comfortable enough, she'll push things out of it until she is satisfied. She is a very sweet girl, and will play with you if you like. Don't forget to admire her cute face and extra-long whiskers.

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