Sid Vicious
Seattle, Washington

Sid is a very special cat to many people. He works at the Real Change office in Seattle, Washington. (Real Change is a newspaper the homeless write, edit, illustrate, and distribute). A distibutor was given Sid as a tip back in 1996, but wasn't able to keep him, so he brought Sid to the office. Sid took over as king right away. He is not especially nice to strangers. He'll take a little bit of petting, and then let you know when he's had enough. He doesn't sleep in laps, but prefers the front window or empty office chairs. He has been known to help put the paper together, however. He will walk across the desks where people are working and knock things off, one by one. Once he was on the cover of the paper, too. Sid is good at catching and eating flies and spiders. There is also a bird in the office that Sid would like to have for lunch. Sid has a special toy cat that he likes to think of as his girlfriend (she is pictured below). He is very important to many of the people who come to the office, as most of them can't keep pets.

Note: I was told recently that the bird is no longer there. It makes one wonder...

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