Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania

Bogart has been the "Goodwill Ambassador" at My Three Cats since October of 1998. He was born in 1994 and lived as a stray for two years. Now he leads a much happier life as a shopcat. "Bogey can tell a cat lover a mile away," writes Carolyn Kozlowski, the owner of My Three Cats. "As soon as a customer steps foot inside the store, Bogey is immediately at their side, greeting them with his usual sweet facial expression, with wide-open emerald colored eyes and head tilted upward. He then accompanies them throughout the store, and upon request, will demonstrate the many toys we sell. His favorite spots are on top of the counter, where he is eye-level with everyone, and inside the cat tree house we have at the front corner of the store. He never leaves the customer's side until a sale is made!" photo and story sent in by Carloyn Kozlowski of Mt. Lebanon, Pennyslvania.


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