Mt. Vernon, Washington

"Schmoozer arrived at the Purrfect Pals no-kill animal shelter in February of 2001. The paper that came with him from a local county animal shelter stated that he was impounded because he was attacking other cats. I am not sure if he had been an owner release or was picked up as a stray. Under remarks he was "on list", I am assuming that he was listed to be euthanized. With his crinkled over ear and possible history of not getting along with other cats he was probably considered unadoptable. We are estimating him to be about 3 years old and he did arrive already neutered. Petco in Mount Vernon, WA, adopted him as their shop cat on March 7 of 2001." Story sent in by Chris Wujcik and Don Johnson, pictures by Don Johnson of Mt. Vernon, Washington.

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