Dust Jacket
Hillsboro, Oregon

Dust Jacket has lived at Main Street Books since 1993 or so, when he was an older kitten. He is now on his third owner! When the first owner sold the bookstore, DJ came with the package. Same deal when the second owner sold. DJ is quite happy with the circumstances. He loves people. He will greet them at the door, rub against them, and follow them around talking to them in his very loud voice. Like most other shopcats, he has his own following of people who come in the store just to see him. A lot of the time, he can be found curled up in his favorite rocking chair. He also likes to sit in the window and stare the dogs down as they walk by. But when he's had enough attention and just wants to be alone, he'll go behind the counter and find a quiet dark place to snooze.

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