Hillsboro, Oregon

Hoffman runs a quilt store in Hillsboro, Oregon called the Naked Quilt. She is named after one of the fabric companies represented in the store, but she prefers to be called "Queenie" as she thinks it fits her much better. She came to the store in the summer of 1998 when she was about two; a gift from a friend of the owner's. Hoffman loves it in the store because she gets a lot of attention from customers. You can tell which people she really likes, because she'll meet them at the door and let them pet her. The ones she doesn't care for she will snub and ignore. She likes children who sit quietly and pet her. She is very playful when she's not napping, and has a special toy on a string she likes to play with. When she does nap, she prefers to sleep in the window with all the fabric.


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