Stouffville, Ontario

Tyrod came to Hamilton Automotive as a kitten in 1985. The store is located in Stouffville, Ontario, which is just north of Toronto in Canada. Cynthia Carr, who sent in Tyrod's pictures and story, has this to say about him: "In his younger years, Tyrod played tag in the stock room, and patrolled the shop counter where he liked to claw at the parts catalogues and sleep in the box where the day's invoices were kept. Well I guess now it's just too high for him to jump up. Nowadays you'll just find him rolling on the floor or sleeping on the stock in the sunlit windows of the front showroom. You can place him on the counter but he never stays too long. Ty doesn't seem to mind when customers bring in their canine companions. He is most enchanted with female customers, as they don't frequent the shop that often. Whenever I come to visit, Ty always makes a special point of greeting me and showing me around. In fact I usually walk through the door and ask for him first! He is truly a valued member of the Hamilton organization." Story and pictures sent in by Cynthia Carr of Ontario.

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