North York, Ontario, Canada

Daisy works at CPR, a printing house in North York, Ontario, Canada. "She never goes outside or into the plant. She is strictly an office girl. She used to have her own chair in the hallway leading into the plant so that everyone - workers, clients, suppliers - who passed felt compelled to check in with her. Her favorite afternoon location is on a ledge in a southern exposure window where she surveys the parking lot. This photo was taken shortly after Miss Daisy's chair was replaced with a fancy leopard-covered tent-bed which she seems to be appreciating. Daisy is about 8 yrs. She was in the empty building with a small litter, near starving, when the company moved into that location. The owner's wife, a woman very active in animal rights, made sure that Daisy's babies got good homes & Daisy saw a doctor to get "fixed up". She even made sure that the office door has a cat door in it so Daisy can have complete run of the office." Story and pictures sent in by Susan Pettit, of North York, Ontario.


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