Welland, Ontario, Canada

"Chuckie was born on Jan. 31 1996, and because of his great interest in my work I agreed to let him help in the shop. I must say that he is the most helpful, diligent and intensely curious co-worker I've ever had. The only time we've ever had a snag in our working relationship was when I wanted to join a guitar makers trade guild called the "Catgut Acoustical Society"! Well, Chuckie was simply horrified and refused to work with such a barbarian as me, even though I tried to explain that nobody actually uses catgut for guitar strings anymore. So, I ended up joining a different trade guild ( The Guild Of American Luthiers) and all is well!" (Story and pictures sent in by Freddy Gabrsek of Welland, Ontario. He owns Freddy's Frets, where Chuckie is the manager.)


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