Cannon Beach, Oregon

Rose lives at the Grey Whale Inn in Cannon Beach Oregon. She was rescued from someone who had found the kittens with no mother. They have no idea what happened to her. Rose was much too young to make it on her own, and the owner wasn't sure she could save her, but took her home to try. Rose's savior turned out to be Pinkerton, the Great Dane at the hotel. Pinkerton started producing milk, and nursed Rose. Pinkerton is very protective of Rose, and treats Smeagol as her pup, too. All of them love to walk on he beach. When Pinkerton goes out for his walk, often Rose and Smeagol will not be far behind. If they are scared by a big dog there, they will hide in the bushes until it is safe, and then make it back on their own. Rose and Smeagol love to play and are very friendly to everyone.

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