Cannon Beach, Oregon

Smeagol (pronounced Schmeegle) was born on May 8, 2001at the Grey Whale Inn at Cannon Beach. He was the only kitten of a Mom who wasn't expected to have any kittens. He was a big boy at birth. When he was about 4 weeks old, Rose came into his life and he was ecstatic. He was happy to have a kitten of his own to play with. Although, Rose grew up with a lot of brothers and sisters and Smeagol had none. So she was always jumping on him and surprising him. He loved it though, and he always protected Rose. They are still great friends and play together a lot. Around the house Smeagol is known as the Purr Master. He loves to climb on shoulders or interrupt your work with lovey sessions... but only on his terms. We found him to be very friendly. He's great with the customers and their kids, but he is not allowed in any of the hotel rooms.

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