Seattle, Washington

Sampson works at the Bosley's Pet Store on Capital Hill in Seattle. He was born about 1991 and came to Bosley's in the summer of 1998. He was a PAWS* cat, at Bosley's looking for a new home. He sat in his cage for two months, but no one wanted to take him home. The people at Bosley's liked Sampson so much, they decided to keep him. Now he runs the place. He's got 2 kinks at the end of his tail, he loves to be petted, but he doesn't like other cats or dogs. When a dog comes in his store he stands at attention and watches his every move. Once, a big dog saw Sampson and broke away from his owner, trailing his leash behind him. He chased Sampson through a maze of cat trees, but ended up only with a very scratched-up face for his trouble. After the dog left, Sammy went back to his favorite pastime... napping in the cat trees.

*Progressive Animal Welfare Society

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