Seattle, Washington
status: retired

Smokey lives at Bosley's Pet Store (now Mud Bay Granary) in the Aurora neighborhood. He came from a day care or pre-school already de-clawed. Nobody knows how old he is and he's not telling. His tail is also a mystery--no one knows if it is naturally short or if he had an accident. He is very lovey and good with children. It doesn't take long in petting him before he rumbles out a really good purrrrr. He used to go outside once in awhile, but then he got stuck in an old lady's basement (for too long, according to him!) and now he prefers to stay indoors.

Note: Smokey is going to be one of the ones I miss the most. He is a very lovey boy. He took Church's place for awhile up in the Aurora Bosley's, but after a month or two of that, he left for a warehouse job. So he still has lots of different people to give him pets that he can purr for.

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