Seattle, Washington
status: retired

Church came to Bosley's Pet Store in 1992 when he was a little over a year old. He is a big 20 pound boy. He has caught a few birds in his time, though. He also likes the store crickets. Cricket delivery day is his favorite. When he hears them arrive, he runs to the front of the store and catch any that hop out of the bag or are given to him. Sometimes he eats them, sometimes not. When he does, though, you can hear them CRUNCH. He also has an affinity for catnip. He rips open a fresh bag every night. Another thing he likes is the fountain on the counter. He doesn't drink out of a water dish anymore. He likes the fountain much better. He's also one of the few Bosley's cats who actually likes dogs.

Note: Church went to live with a customer early in 1999. Smokey took over his store for awhile, but then he retired too. Church has a loving home now and still gets all the catnip he wants.

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