Hay-on-Wye, Wales

Albert was born in 1982. He's been living at the York House Bed & Breakfast almost as long. He and his sister, Victoria used to run the place together. Since Victoria died in 1997, Tatiana has become his playmate. Albert is an indoor-outdoor kitty. He follows the owners around the garden, helping out where he can. Otherwise he sticks pretty close to the front door waiting to greet guests and get lovies. He loves attention. You can rub his back and tummy all day as far as he is concerned. He'll rumble out a good purr for you too. A couple years ago he got on the wrong side of another animal, or possibly a car, and came home bleeding around his head. He was taken to the vet, but since he was so old (about 15), they didn't want to stitch him together because they would have to use anesthetic on him. So Albert was one of the first kitties to be glued back together. He handled it quite well, not moving or meowing much at all. And he healed beautifully.

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