Rochester, Michigan

WeBU works at Wild Birds Unlimited in Rochester, Michigan with her friend Oriole. She joined the shop in April of 2002. Here's her story: " In April, 2002 I went to the shelter and got myself the first one. Someone lost a really beautiful cat. She's an Applehead Siamese and when I got her they said she was 8 months old but I think she was older because she now looks like a full-grown cat and I've only had her for 5 months. Her name is WeBU - which stands for Wild Birds Unlimited - and she is the best cat. She lets everyone pet her and she is so smart. When I first got her, she used to follow the customers out to the door because they were carrying bags of seed and she liked to follow the string. But she never went out the door." Story and picture sent in by Judy Mayer of Rochester, Michigan.


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