Rochester, Michigan

Oriole works at Wild Birds Unlimited with her friend WeBU in Rochester, Michigan. Here is her story: "About three weeks after I got WeBU I realized that she needed company, so I kept going back to the shelter to look for a friend for her. After two weeks I finally found the perfect match. I wasn't real sure at first because she was soooo tiny - 2-1/2 pounds - but the minute I held her I knew she was coming home with me. Inasmuch as I own an outdoor birding store and everyone is very aware of the birding activity that goes on around the area, it just happened to be the time that the Baltimore Orioles were coming through and she just happens to be the color of a Baltimore Oriole. So we decided to name her Oriole. She's absolutely beautiful. Because she was so tiny, I think she was taken from her mother too early, she needed to suckle and WeBU was very generous in allowing Oriole to suck on her, even though both cats have been fixed. Oriole just needed a "bippie". The cats immediately bonded and have been living in the store ever since." Picture and story sent in by Judy Mayer of Rochester, Michigan.


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