Austin, Texas

"Dusty came to our gallery when my mother passed away. He had already had a few 'lives' as she adopted him from a foster home. After years of a rather quiet reclusive life with my elderly mother he was skittish with strangers. He first spent several weeks in hiding. Then, after some good vet care for his bad teeth, he one day leapt onto the counter and laid down as if he owned the place. Well, of course now he does. Our business, Wild About Music, is a music themed art and gift gallery in Austin, Texas. We are next door to a historic theater in downtown Austin Texas. As soon as the pre-theater crowd arrives in the neighborhood he is up from his nap and greeting the guests. He thinks having a six person belly rub is the way to go!! If a customer is examining jewelry in the glass case he will typically jump up and flop down right under his or her nose. A bit disconcerting if you don't see him coming. His favorite games are climb the ladder, and bag time. He is obsessed with plastic and will lick, lay and slide on anything of the sort. He of course mooches the employees lunches and loves to 'help' with computer work. He is waiting by the door everyday when we come and will sit there, plaintively mewing until everyone has reported to work. He will often lay right on the floor in front of the big store door while customers have to walk over and around him as they enter. Even the homeless come by at night to talk to him through the crack in the door. He too has converted a few dog people and we have even found a customer sitting on the floor in tears holding him as he had just taken a call from home that his kitty had passed away. Petting him can take the stress out of the craziest most frustrating day. Sometimes we get less done but we were going to live longer!!! A shopcat is a great thing!" Story and pictures sent in by Shelley Meyer of Austin, Texas.


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