Vancouver, Washington

Tercel lives at Toyota of Vancouver. She has lived there since 1994, when she showed up as a stray, maybe 12 years old. They ran ads in newspapers and put up signs, but no one came to claim her. The people at Vancouver Toyota were happy to take her on as a mascot. Tercel likes to prowl around the showroom and climb on the cars. They keep the windows rolled up now, because she used to get inside the cars and use the upholstery as a scratching post! One time she was missing for 4 days. They looked everywhere for her. It was a customer who had found her in the trunk of a car. She jumped out and ran straight for her water dish. They say she lost several of her lives that week. Now she sticks close to home, doesn't roam off the property, and catches mice to supplement her diet kitty food. She is very lovey and likes to be petted.

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