Tracy, California

"Cleo has been the Night Manager here for 5 years and she has trained two owners. When we bought the store a year ago, she stayed on to ensure that we did things properly, i.e. HER way! Cleo's duties are wide and varied and she performs them all happily and with enthusiasm...well, when she's not sleeping! Cleo often provides tech support, she believes that lying across the keyboard will fix any and all computers of any and all problems! Sitting on the desk watching the printer work also improves the quality of the printed material. Cleo is the store greeter (when she's in the mood) and she reserves the right to jump on your shoulders for a ride around the bookstore! Also, any bag or box that comes through the door instantly becomes her property and if you think you are taking said bag or box out again when you may think again! Cleo is very generous with her affection... usually! She is sometimes coy with people who love cats and compete for her attention. With people who are allergic, afraid or just don't like cats, she's an unashamed stalker! She believes it is her mission to turn everyone into a cat lover! Cleo works hard and seems to love her job. She considers the books her friends, and if a pile of them happen to fall over, well... isn't that the owner's fault for not making them more secure? One of her favorite jobs is 'window dressing'... asleep in the afternoon sun in the front window! Life is good!" Story and pictures sent in by Ruth Martin of Tracy, California.

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