Studio City, California

"Sixx is the resident calico at Levine Custom Framing in Studio City, California. C.A.M.P., (Concerned Americans for More Preservation) Founder - Lucinda Lewis rescued Sixx and her brother Ink at the tender age of 5 weeks when they were wandering around in a parking lot near the historical Ambassador Hotel on Wilshire Blvd., and brought them to animal lover Steve Levine to find them a good home. Ink got adopted and Sixx wormed her way into Steve's heart so successfully that she is now the resident feline. Steve also repairs computers in the back of the framing shop, and Sixx usually tries to help, of course. She also loves the carpet-topped counters Steve uses for framing, and her favorite toy is a tape measure. Her favorite part of working at the store is when she gets to torment the local Dog Community that occasionally strolls by her domain." Story and pictures sent in by Lisa M. of Iliad Books in North Hollywood, California.


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