Sidney, BC, Canada

Marmalade works at Tanner's Books in Sidney, BC. She came to work as a kitten, just a few months after she was born in March of 1998. She doesn't hang out often except early in the morning, and at night when the store is closed. She likes to watch the window washers when they clean the other side of the window. She has a fancy basket for her naps, but she prefers boxes, bags, till tapes, and purses to her basket. One time, Marmalade was exploring the store and noticed a ceiling tile was left open. What curious cat could resist such a wonderful invitation to explore the unknown? No one saw her go up, but many saw her come down. One customer went to the information desk and told them "umm... a cat just fell out of the ceiling." Marmalade told us that she had meant to do it.

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