Kitty ("Scarface")
Surrey, British Columbia

Kitty came to work at Rypac about 4 years ago. No one knows where he came from or how old he is, but he was neutered and in good health so it is assumed that he was abandoned down here by the Fraser River, we also assume that he is about 9 years old. Kitty works 24/7, 365 days a year keeping the rats at bay and de-stressing Rypac employees and customers. His “alias” comes from ragged ears, a discolored right eye, scratched nose and assorted lumps. Kitty lives outdoors, but does come into the lunchroom for food, laps and time next to the space heater. Excessive petting and belly rubbing produces copious amounts of drool. In the pictures it doesn’t show very clear, but this cat has a serious overbite. He loves to talk and does any time you make eye contact. He follows me around the yard, and waits patiently outside the office door while I do office business. He is loved by me, liked by most and hated by none. Not a bad life for a cat. “Kitty” is a working cat who toughs it out everyday and night in an industrial area, dodging trucks, trains, forklifts, coyotes, raccoons and stray junk yard dogs. I’m never quite sure if he will be there in the morning, but each day he is there, standing by the lunch room door to greet me. I think he is the freest cat I have ever known.

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