Tom Paine
London, England

"The Seven Stars is one of the oldest pubs in London, built in 1602, and it still looks ancient. Nowadays it lies behind the Royal
Courts of Justice, and a lot of the customers are lawyers, court reporters,etc. Hence Tom's name, because the famous libertarian of the US revolution came from Norwich and always remained British. You probably know that solicitors and barristers here still wear wigs and gowns in court. Tom has a set of "tabs" that he wears in sympathy-- the small white tie, like two ribbons in an upside-down V. He sometimes also wears a chorister's ruffle, as worn by boy choristers at Westminster Abbey. Tom is entirely at home on top of the glass washer, alongside people on the velvet seat cushions, or on top of the bar, where he is photographed daily by admirers. He is extremely phlegmatic, and enjoys putting his front paws on a table to see what customers are eating.
He is known around here as our weapon of mouse destruction." Pictures and story sent in by Nathan Silver of London, England.


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