Mr. Peach
Orlando, Florida

Mr Peach works at Sakett Machine Shop in Orlando, Florida. "Two years ago (August 2001) this little orange and white guy muscled his way into the group of feral cats we feed at Sackett Machine Shop
in Orlando, Florida. He was quite friendly and didn't really fit in with the gray clowder of outdoor ferals. So, we decided to make him a part time shop cat. Mr. Peach, age unknown, comes to work with my
husband and me several days a week. On the days he is there very little work gets done. He constantly begs for attention and plays with the end of pens and pencils when I am trying to post invoices, etc. He takes great pride in canceling out a long list of numbers on the adding machine with just a push of his paw. Need to answer the phone? Well, don't let the cord dangle or he gets wrapped up in it and zips off pulling the receiver from your hand and the phone from the desk. Customers have gotten used to having to call back when that happens.

His 'work' load has recently (August 2003) gotten lighter, though, as he has had to have a leg amputated due to cancer. We were quite cautious about bringing him to work, as a machine shop office is not
the cleanest place on earth. We were also afraid he would be miserable not being able to do his favorite thing which is to jump up on everything. Boy did he fool us. After recuperating at home for
twelve days he 'jumped' right back into his duties at the shop. We are constantly inspired by this eight-pound bundle of energy. The future for Mr. Peach is still cloudy. But for now he can still enjoy his 'career' as, we believe, the only three-legged shop cat." Pictures and story sent in by Monique of Sakett Machine Shop.

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