Denver, Colorado

Bastet works at LeBlanc Design, a jewelry store in Denver. David LeBlanc sent in her story and pictures. Here is what he has to say about her: "My best assistant is Bastet. She is an Abyssinian girl, 13 months of age. She rides on my shoulder or walks with me on her leash when we are out on the town. She is quite accustomed to being mobbed by the ladies and children, and does well with people. When we're in the store, she likes to hunt moths and bugs, or maybe take a nap in the showcase where the sun shines the warmest. She pushes the jewelry to the side and curls up or stretches out and takes her nap. She is quite the bright one, as I have seen her exercising problem solving skills and tool use: she lost her fur mouse between the showcases, and as she could not reach it, she claw-hooked the velvet show pad and used it to knock the mouse out and on to the floor, where she promptly lost interest, and went on to other important business. "

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