Seaside, Oregon

Widget was found in the middle of August, 1998 only about 4 weeks old. She has since taken the store by storm. One of her favorite things in the world is her stuffed frog. She saw this on a shelf in the store, and pulled it down to play with it. The employees said, "No, Widget," and put it back on the shelf. She got it again. And again. And again. She didn't care about any of the other toys for sale. So they finally broke down and bought the frog for her. It is her constant companion and her favorite thing to beat on. She is still a little wild and is shy of people who come to the store, but if you get her frog, she'll play with you. She shares Raintree with Ivan, Tibby, Shmi, Bart, and Sparky. And, of course, the frog.

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