Mount Vernon, Washington
Status: Retired

Snaggle Puss was born in July of 1990. She came to the Parker Way Veterinary Clinic in poor shape. Her teeth were bad and 70% of her fur was gone due to the fleas that were living with her. Everyone fell in love with her and we decided to fix her up. After a little dental work, a bath, some flea control, and a lot of TLC, she blossomed into a very beautiful cat. She loves to be up front. She'll sunbathe on the counter by the window; sleep in the recycle bin; help with typing and the billing (much to our office manager's dismay); but one of her favorite things to do is to greet the clients. She figures everyone comes in just to see her. Her passion is to eat whatever she can find. Whether it is someone's lunch or food that we've sold to clients (she sits on the bag of food daring anyone to take it from her). If she can get into it she will. She has even tried to leave with the drivers that deliver the food. Even with all the trouble she gets into, we still spoil her rotten and it's never dull with her around. Both Sammy and Snaggle have their own ways of helping. Sammy will stay near the animals and seems to offer some moral support and Snaggle will stay near the clients and offer a comforting nudge. One way that both have helped is that they are our blood donors. They share the joys and sorrows that we've all experienced in working at the clinic. They have become an important part of our team and our lives. (Pictures by Don Johnson of Mt. Vernon, Washington, and story by the staff of Parker Way Vet Clinic)

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