North Conway, New Hampshire

Nin lives at the Mount Washington Observatory in New Hampshire. "She was found as a stray over in Vermont by a former employee, and eventually was brought up to the summit, where he shared time with Jasper. Since Jasper passed away, the top of Mount Washington has been Nin's turf. Since the Observatory was founded in 1932, we have pretty much always had a cat. Twice a year we get a 6-month supply of food, and the cat's job is to keep the mice at bay. Occasionally, Nin catches a mouse, but believes his primary job is to look cute, and provide good PR (I have to admit, he's pretty good at it). He gets lots of fan mail, and folks have come up to the summit just to see him. Mount Washington is home to the harshest weather on earth, including a world record wind of 231 mph. Nin does go outside (as evidenced by the pictures), but will find any lap to occupy if you are caught sitting down. The Ninster is actually 13 this year. Instead of taking him to the Vet, the vet actually travels up to Nin! Dr. Mike Schaefer from Sagamore Animal Hospital in Rye, NH, leads a team that keeps Nin healthy." Story and copyrighted pictures sent in by Bryan Yeaton of New Hampshire. You can see more pictures of Nin on her website. Go to my links page to find it.

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